Unleashing Expertise: From Diverse Paths to Collective Excellence

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In business, expertise is often associated with years of experience within a specific industry. While that may be true in some cases, at HyBridge Solutions, we’re breaking down those conventional barriers and celebrating the incredible talents of our diverse team. We take immense pride in fostering an environment where expertise isn’t confined to a narrow path but is a collective of various backgrounds, experiences, skills, and industries.

Embracing Unconventional Talent

One of the cornerstones of our success story is our enthusiasm for recognizing talent beyond the confines of a single industry. We firmly believe that a fresh perspective often leads to the most innovative solutions. Our team boasts individuals who have joined us from various industries, bringing with them unique insights that have helped us push boundaries and excel in what we do.

Our Stories of Triumph

Claire Dickinson, our Organizational Change Management (OCM) and Change Bridge Maven:

Claire’s journey from the hospitality industry to our team at HyBridge might seem unlikely, but her knack for time management and planning translated seamlessly to managing the many moving parts and critical deadlines for our client's projects. Her fresh perspective on our processes aided in developing one of our most exclusive offerings: Change Bridge, our comprehensive OCM solution. Not only does her expertise enhance our team’s capabilities and speak to our distinctiveness, but it also sets the tone for new team members to realize that at HyBridge, there are endless opportunities for growth, learning, and advancement.

Lisa Powell, our Infor CloudSuite Financials and Supply Management Strategist:

Lisa, with more than 15 years of experience in healthcare, had a transformative career journey prior to joining HyBridge. Fueled by her love of challenges and process improvement, Lisa’s career took a pivotal turn when she was introduced to ERP system implementation and process transformation during a project at her former company. After completing the project, Lisa knew she wanted to become a consultant just like the ones she encountered at HyBridge. During her search to make a career move, she was drawn to HyBridge by our commitment to doing right by our clients and the genuine care we extend to our consultants and colleagues. Lisa’s experience and ability to expand beyond healthcare allows her to proficiently solve client problems. To her, it’s more than just implementing software; it’s about leading people to successful outcomes. Today, she continues to thrive in her role by mentoring others and bringing a client-centric approach that sets her apart.

Nurturing Growth and Adaptability

We strongly believe in the power of adaptability at HyBridge. Our blend of employee expertise is not only a testament to our team’s capabilities; it is a reflection of our dedication to personal and professional growth. Our employees have access to a range of certification opportunities, mentorship, and cross-functional projects that allow them to expand their horizons and develop new skills.

Strength in Diverse Perspectives

Our commitment to diversity goes beyond hiring the best talent from various backgrounds. By embracing the unique perspective of individuals, we’ve created a culture that thrives on collaboration and creativity. The collective expertise of our team members, coupled with their dedication and passion, have fueled our ability to innovate and solve complex challenges and ultimately deliver exceptional results to our clients.

At HyBridge, we’ve redefined what it means to have expertise. Our team members from various industries are proof that true leaders and innovation know no boundaries. By providing a space that values diverse perspectives, we’ve cultivated an environment where unconventional paths lead to extraordinary achievements. As we continue to champion the expertise within our team, we invite others to join us on this journey of growth, collaboration, and excellence.

About HyBridge Solutions

HyBridge Solutions is a national, privately held provider of professional services around leading ERP and Workforce Management solutions. HyBridge partners with UKG to improve customer, patient, and employee satisfaction. HyBridge Solution’s team of certified technical and functional associates are focused on providing each client with a uniquely configured solution to maximize utilization and investment in their applications.

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