Top Insights from Infor Now: The Future of Technology

Integrate, Innovate, Iterate – these were the guiding principles at Infor Now, where conversations emphasized combining cutting-edge technology with processes that drive everyday business operations. As a Silver Sponsor of this event, HyBridge experts actively engaged in conversations, sparking innovation, and gaining valuable insights into Infor’s latest technology offerings. These interactions focused on increasing efficiencies and fostering business growth for our customers. 

In this blog post, we share the profound insights and key trends that emerged, showcasing the next evolution of Infor products. We delve into topics like understanding Infor OS and Developer Portals, discussing how augmented intelligence and automation pair to boost efficiencies, and learning more about Infor Lakehouse capabilities. HyBridge is excited to share information about cutting-edge technology available to our customers.

Let’s take a deeper dive into these exciting topics: 

•    Infor OS Portal
•    The Developer Portal
•    Augmented Intelligence with Automation
•    Infor Lakehouse

Infor OS Portal

The revamped Infor OS Portal is poised to redefine productivity. Its modular, tabular, and customizable design streamlines user experiences, reducing clicks and saving time. A unique feature is tabbed browsing, allowing you to navigate between Infor applications without losing your place. Workspaces is another feature that empowers end-users with invaluable, consolidated insights at their fingertips. Like homepages, Workspaces can be customized by role to fit unique business needs.

Whether you are familiar with the current Infor OS Portal or not, this will be required for organizations to utilize by April 2024. HyBridge can help organizations migrate to the new OS portal and take advantage of new workspaces by configuring them based on your unique business needs. 

The Developer Portal

The Developer Portal is more than just a collaboration engine; it’s a bridge to leverage Infor technology without the steep learning curve. With the benefits of education, best practices, and tutorials, it centralizes components of the solution development process. 

•    Education: The Developer Portal provides a central repository for components of the solution development process. This includes definitions of each component used as the platform's building blocks. 

•    Best Practices: An entire section of The Developer Portal provides best practices that will help teams discover critical insights and guidelines to optimize your solution development process.

•    Tutorials: Tutorials are available for use and are designed to be a blueprint for common objectives. 

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Augmented Intelligence with Automation

In an era where AI and Machine Learning are finding value within every industry and every market, Infor OS stands out as the only ERP solution offering RPA/Intelligent Document Processor (IDP) and AI/ML on a single platform. This empowers organizations to automate both front-end and back-end processes, allowing resources to focus on core business initiatives. 

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a solution that enables organizations to automate repetitive and rule-based tasks by using software robots (“bots”) that mimic human actions to interact with applications, systems, and data sources.  Within the Infor OS ecosystem, RPA allows a smooth transition with Infor CloudSuite(s) and integrates with third-party applications through APIs or screen scraping technologies. 

What is Infor Document Processor (IDP)?

Infor Document Processor (IDP) is a solution that allows for text-extraction, document analysis, and AI/ML-based extraction.  Paired with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this can increase ROI and efficiency, enhance your user experience, and improve compliance and accuracy within your ERP.

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Image from Infor Now Presentation: RPA and IDP via Infor

The Benefits of AI & Machine Learning

Through the Infor OS portal, AI/ML tools provide a foundation of continuous improvement throughout your organization, including improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and helping to predict the future through forecast intelligence. These tools can help customers develop automated processes. For example, a company could use these tools to generate customer insights on what to sell or identify ordering trends early so your business can keep up with demand. 

Infor Lakehouse

Infor Lakehouse is a performant data-warehouse-as-a-service database for reporting, analytics, and CloudSuite extension applications. It is a centralized, shared ecosystem for high-speed query performance over massive data sets.

Lakehouse models provide a framework to design tables and views in your Lakehouse data warehouse.  Modeling also provides scripting ETL features to load data through compass Data lake queries and scripts to cleanse, curate, and transform data. Allowing you to define tables and views with a no/low-code approach.

Stream Pipelines deliver the value of real-time data processing to SaaS-driven enterprises.  With Stream Pipelines, consumers with an immediate need for data can deliver decisions faster and more efficiently.

With Infor Lakehouse, data transcends from the data lake to the Lakehouse, enriching analytics and enhancing options available to customers. Custom-built queries grant you a live glimpse into data via Birst dashboards, eliminating the need for Birst orchestration. Now, organizations can deliver real-time decision-making capabilities that enhance data accessibility and create better access to live insights. 

Data Lake vs Lakehouse
Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 1.33.13 PMImage from Infor Now Presentation: The future of Data Fabric with Lakehouse & Pipelines via Infor

The Future of Technology 

HyBridge gained valuable insights into emerging Infor technologies, spanning from process automation, augmented intelligence, and enhanced user experiences such as Infor OS and Developer Portal.  We’re excited to collaborate with organizations ready to embrace these cutting-edge technologies and revolutionize their approach to alleviating business challenges. Implementing advanced tools such as these can help overcome current obstacles and establish a strong foundation for future growth and innovation.

With extensive and varied expertise, HyBridge Solutions offers a wide range of services, such as system implementation, optimizing your existing systems, managing the people side of change with our organizational change management solution, Change Bridge as well as our Project Management as a Service capabilities. The future of technology is here, and we stand prepared to assist organizations in gearing up for tomorrow. Whether it’s helping with your migration to the v2 OS Portal, innovating new workspaces, addressing current business problems with new approaches, or strategizing your upcoming projects, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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