Using Organizational Change Management to Drive Successful Outcomes and Increase Employee Experience for Erickson Senior Living

Learn how a national senior living and health care leader enhanced operational processes by partnering with HyBridge Solutions to migrate to UKG Pro® Workforce Management through effective planning, proactive decision-making, training, and organizational change management.

Erickson Customer Success Story

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Company Information

Since 1983, Erickson Sr. Living (ESL) has been a national senior living and healthcare leader. They are committed to providing residents with sustainable continuing care so that they can live better lives. As the country's third largest independent living provider, ESL has 21 properties in 11 states and serves over 28,000 residents. Through their strong relationship with community boards and National Senior Campuses (NSC) Inc., their leadership team promotes an unparalleled experience for residents, including community service, integrated health and wellness, and an inclusive environment. 

The Challenge

Erickson Sr. Living needed to migrate ESL’s on-premise UKG Workforce Central (WFC) v7 .x system to UKG Pro Workforce Management (WFM), utilizing best practice configuration for applications including Timekeeping, Advanced Scheduling, Analytics, and Mobile. ESL wanted to eliminate manual entries, standardize all processes, and implement scalable processes for the future – all while promoting employee buy-in and increased satisfaction for the benefit of their residents.

The Project Overview 

Erickson Senior Living took a strategic approach, placing employees at the forefront of their project initiatives. ESL charted a clear path forward by creating vital project goals and established a steering committee to facilitate timely decision-making. In addition, ESL handpicked dedicated employees who were both available and committed to ensuring the project's success from start to finish.

For the Advanced Scheduling component, ESL formed a sub-committee comprising representatives from various departments across the organization. This inclusive approach ensured that diverse perspectives were considered when designing the Advanced Scheduling system. By laying out a comprehensive plan before project commencement, both parties understood the importance of enhancing ESL's operational efficiency.

Effective change management was pivotal to the project's success. ESL conducted surveys across all organizational communities, fostering transparent communication channels between employees and project leaders. Concerns were actively addressed, and ongoing communication efforts ensured employees grasped the significance of future changes and how they would benefit the organization as an individual and a whole. ESL designated a dedicated Organizational Change Management (OCM) manager to provide support through post-go-live and address any queries related to the new system.

“Many people think change management is only training. Training is only a subcomponent of change management. Thinking about people's mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs is critical.” — Jake Hammett, Director of Client Relations and UKG Strategy.

The Solution

HyBridge developed the plan and led the way for  ESL’s move from Kronos Workforce Central to UKG Pro WFM. HyBridge’s UKG Professional Services included working in partnership with ESL to redefine business processes and design the new system to include enhancements for an optimized new UKG system.  In addition, HyBridge provided a dedicated team focused on organizational change management and custom training for employees and managers to help ensure overall success.

“This project was extremely well thought out and planned. It will set a new standard for Erickson Senior Living as we approach other software changes in the future.” — Erickson Senior Living Learning Manager.

The Results

  • Successfully migrated from UKG WFC to UKG Pro WFM Timekeeping and Advanced Scheduling.
  • Provided ESL with a supported product that offers advanced features with stability and sustainability.
  • Created standardization across the health system, eliminating manual processes and establishing automation where possible.
  • Successfully implemented Timekeeping, creating more efficiency and allowing for convenient mobile functionality. Improved error management and reduced missed punches.
  • Implemented a non-standard scheduling solution called Rotation Scheduling. Since ESL was the first organization in the United States where Rotation Scheduling was set up, HyBridge partnered with UKG to offer this solution to meet ESL’s unique scheduling needs. HyBridge quickly learned the solution and how to implement it.
  • Successfully implemented UKG’s Scheduling Solution, providing ESL with flexibility to change/schedule shifts, improved time management, and a reduced need for agency staff.
  • We provided CBT and Change Champion training to ESL employees and managers to strengthen their ability to truly own the new system after it goes live.


After going live, HyBridge introduced Managed Services for ongoing support and further optimization. Due to the positive feedback and project success, this project will be the standard for how ESL tackles future projects regarding process, methodology, and change management.

About HyBridge Solutions

HyBridge Solutions is a national, privately held provider of professional services for leading ERP, HCM, WFM, and Organizational Change Management solutions. HyBridge partners with leading cloud SaaS providers, Infor and UKG, to improve customer and employee satisfaction. HyBridge Solutions’ team of certified technical and functional associates is focused on providing each client with a uniquely configured solution to maximize utilization and investment in their applications.

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