HyBridge Solutions Receives Yet Another Award: Best Company Career Growth

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been recognized with another award by Comparably: Best Company Career Growth 2023. According to anonymous sentiment ratings submitted over the past year, HyBridge employees feel that there are sufficient career development and growth opportunities available to them.Best Career Growth 2023 - PNG

At HyBridge, we take pride in creating an environment where every team member has the opportunity to flourish and achieve their full potential, and this award is a testament to that. In this blog, we’ll dive into what has earned us this award and the various initiatives we have in place to support the career growth of our employees.

Mentorship Program

One of the cornerstones of career growth at HyBridge is our mentorship program, otherwise known as the Buddy System. We firmly believe in the power of learning from other colleagues, whether they’re more experienced or possess valuable skills that may be transferred over. As part of our Buddy System, employees have the chance to be paired with one of our team members who can provide guidance, share knowledge, and offer insights that can significantly impact career development. This one-on-one interaction fosters personal and professional growth while building lasting relationships within the company.

Continuing Education

We understand that staying ahead in a competitive job market often requires obtaining relevant certifications, qualifications, and training. To empower our employees in their career journeys, HyBridge offers company-paid certification opportunities and training workshops. Whether you want to acquire a new skill to advance your career, earn a professional certification, or build your knowledge in your field, we’ve got it covered. Investing in skill advancement is an investment in your future at HyBridge Solutions.

Prioritizing Internal Promotions

We believe that the best candidates for open job positions are often the talented individuals already within our organization. That’s why we prioritize internal promotions whenever possible. By recognizing and nurturing the skills and potential of our existing employees, we foster a culture of loyalty while rewarding hard work, dedication, and determination. When our team members grow, we grow.

Regular Continuous Performance Evaluations (CPEs)

To help create a path for growth and development, HyBridge conducts regular Continuous Performance Evaluations (CPEs). These evaluations provide structured feedback on each employee’s performance, help identify areas of improvement, and allow them to bring up any questions, concerns, and desires for their future at the company. Our CPEs are a vital part of our commitment to helping our team members reach their full potential within our organization.

Being recognized as having the Best Company Career Growth in 2023 speaks to our commitment to our employees’ success. At HyBridge, we believe that our team members’ growth is our growth, and we are dedicated to supporting them in every step of their career journey. We thank them for being part of our success story and look forward to finding ways to achieve even greater heights in the future.

To learn more about what makes HyBridge unique, visit our Careers Page.

About HyBridge Solutions

HyBridge Solutions is a national, privately held provider of professional services around leading ERP and Workforce Management solutions. HyBridge partners with UKG to improve customer, patient, and employee satisfaction. HyBridge Solution’s team of certified technical and functional associates are focused on providing each client with a uniquely configured solution to maximize utilization and investment in their applications.

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