Driving Digital Transformation Success in Healthcare

Digital transformation has emerged as a pivotal element within the healthcare industry, fundamentally reshaping how healthcare organizations function and provide services to both patients and staff members. Watch the interview hosted by Raven Intelligence, an independent review site that helps customers make an informed choice about their consulting partner.

Jake Hammett interview from HyBridge Solutions

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Company Information

This prominent healthcare organization in South Carolina has over 10,000 employees working across five hospitals and various other facilities. Known for their innovative procedures and dedication to excellence, they have been a beacon of quality patient care in the Spartanburg community for over a century.

HyBridge partnered with this leading organization over a decade ago, initially focusing on an ERP project and subsequent upgrades. This led to further collaboration on UKG initiatives, including transitioning to UKG Dimensions, UKG's Workforce Management, and Employee Engagement Suite.

The Challenge

The primary drivers for this organization's digital transformation centered around enhancing the overall employee experience, automating manual processes, and integrating their timekeeping and scheduling solutions. They aimed to replace their existing nurse scheduling application with an enterprise solution and replace their aging telephony solution with modern punch-in methods.

Despite facing bandwidth challenges and turnover, the core team remained undeterred. The project culture was one of open communication and collective problem-solving. Even with COVID-19 constraints limiting onsite interactions, the team managed to work closely, providing onsite presence to roll out the product during ‘road shows’ and for final go-live.

The Solution

HyBridge Solutions, with its expertise in UKG’s time and labor management application, not only met the organization’s initial goals but also exceeded expectations by adding more functionality to the system.

By replacing the existing nurse scheduling system, decommissioning the unsupported time-punching product, and introducing of a mobile app, HyBridge Solutions enhanced the organization’s overall employee experience. With streamlined scheduling and an increase in employee engagement, utilization rates skyrocketed.

The Results

  • UKG Mobile App - Employees could now punch in at their work location, see schedules, request time off, pick up open shifts, and conduct self-scheduling activities. The mobile app also facilitated advanced features like missed punch workflows and allowed employees to review and approve their timecards every pay period.
  • Collaborative Approach - The project team worked closely together, maintaining open communication and understanding with evolving requirements. They not only focused on designing the system but also paid attention to change management.
  • Change Management Tools - Road shows were conducted to inform stakeholders about the upcoming changes, and a comprehensive training package was developed to ensure a smooth transition. The team was also present on-site during the go-live phase, addressing any questions or issues that arose.

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