HyBridge completes Migration of S3 Financials and HCM to Infor Cloud for CAMC

ATLANTA, GA (DATE)- HyBridge Solutions has successfully moved another customer, Charleston Area Medical Center, to the Infor Cloud. The project included upgrading CAMC’s Lawson S3 Financials and HCM solutions which were on-premise and based on a Windows/SQL system, to version 10 in the Infor Cloud. The project was completed on time and on budget due in part to HyBridge’s experience and proactive project planning.

During the project, HyBridge worked closely with CAMC and Infor to manage delivery against forecasted schedules, providing transparent project status to everyone involved. HyBridge’s technical resources migrated all environment level metadata, security rules and user profiles and then worked with Infor/AMS to complete the final go-live in the Cloud.

An essential step in setting the project up for success was HyBridge’s discovery process which outlines business, user access, and maintenance requirements. These requirements guide decisions in the design phase which includes collaborative sessions with security architects, process owners and a strategic group of Lawson users at CAMC.


About Charleston Area Medical Center

The CAMC Health System was created in 1984 to meet the challenges of providing the highest level of health services to West Virginians, pulling together several hospitals with a history of community service dating back to 1895. Nearly 7,000 people work for companies within the CAMC Health System at multiple sites. CAMC Health System is the non-profit parent corporation of multiple hospitals and health care companies. For more information visit http://www.camc.org/

About HyBridge Solutions

HyBridge Solutions is a leading provider of professional services for Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Business Intelligence, and Workforce Management applications dedicated to ensuring timely, successful outcomes. HyBridge Solutions is committed to proving exemplary project leadership, technical and application services to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Design, implementation, optimization, upgrades, technical installation, managed services, security, integration, project management, interim and change management establish the foundation for our service offerings to ensure best practices and best use of software are instituted throughout. For more information visit www.hybridgesolutions.com

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