The HyBridge Process


Our team of dedicated professionals are ready to work with you to deliver a seamless Implementation, Upgrade, Optimization, Assessment, and/or Managed Services solution, helping you to maximize the return on your investment, realize the full capabilities of your system, and deliver a solution that keeps you productive and efficient.

Experience the HyBridge difference and be amazed at how smoothly your objectives can be achieved. 



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Experience the HyBridge difference and

be amazed at how smoothly your 

objectives can be achieved. 



Effective ERP solutions start with accurate systems assessments.

During our comprehensive assessment and discovery process we'll review your current system configuration and interview key process owners in order to identify current issues and provide you with a documented system analysis along with corresponding recommendations, all while operating within the designated budget and timeframe.

Review System Configuration

Interview Process


System analysis

and recommendations

Identify current issues


Implementations and Upgrades

On-premise or in the Cloud, data migration or integration.

Implementations and upgrades shouldn't hinder your day-to-day business processes.

Keeping your investments updated to the latest versions allows you to take advantage of the latest features and capabilities while lowering maintenance costs and increasing your productivity and security. 

Whether you're migrating to the cloud, tracking labor, or monitoring inventory and distribution, our implementation and upgrade methodology for Infor and UKG projects deliver highly integrated, user friendly, automated processes that achieve your specific business objectives. Our approach combines decades of industry experience and deep understanding of specific applications to deliver best practices and best use of software outcomes, while keeping your project on-time and on-budget.

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Maximize the performance of your Infor or UKG system.

ERP systems are big investments. Optimizing allows you to take full advantage of all available system functionalities and realize the potential of each application. Our knowledge and experience ensure that your systems are operating at peak efficiency and providing all the advantages your applications were designed to provide.

Understand Organizational Goals

Optimize Business


Understand Organizational Goals

Understand Organizational Goals

Understand Organizational Goals

Maximize System


Understand Organizational Goals

Realign System Design with Business Processes


Managed Services

Make sure your systems continue doing their job so you can keep doing yours.

Business applications don't manage themselves and using internal staff to keep them running is a costly and inefficient method. Infor and UKG systems are designed to effectively handle complex business processes, but inevitably issues will arise that require immediate attention. When those issues arise, we're here to provide U.S. based, highly skilled resources offering around-the-clock support for your applications. That allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining and supporting these systems on your own and allowing your IT personnel to focus on core business functions.

Available Services Include:

  • System Administration

  • System Monitoring

  • Upgrade Maintenance

  • Patch Maintenance

  • Interface Development         and Maintenance

  • Hardware Configuration

  • Software Configuration

  • HelpDesk Support

  • Cloud Configurations

  • Business Application

       Team Support

Managed Services

24/7 Support

Skilled, On-Shore Resources

Worry-Free System Management

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