HyBridge process mining offers clients insights based on real data through Apromore software

Apromore 300ATLANTA – HyBridge Solutions is excited to announce the launch of its Process Mining & Optimization Services. Leveraging Apromore software, HyBridge will enable customers to visualize, improve, and monitor their business processes using real data from their own systems. Backed by world-leading research, Apromore’s easy-to-use software helps organizations harness the full power of their data to achieve operational excellence.

"Process Mining allows us to see an unfiltered view of our clients’ business processes rather than relying on anecdotal stories or perceived best practices,” said Mark Neal, HyBridge VP of Technical Services. “Because we’re using actual data, we can identify gaps in a process much quicker and more accurately, so we can triage and develop a baseline of the processes with measurable results allowing for real-time optimization.”

HyBridge’s Process Mining is offered as a stand-alone service, can be embedded in legacy support/managed services contracts, or included in implementation methodologies.

HyBridge is one of the first U.S. consulting firms to use Apromore, which was developed by the world’s leading experts on business process modeling. Combining this technology with HyBridge’s business process industry knowledge and technical expertise provides customers with an offering that can’t be found anywhere else.

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