Everything you need for Infor Data Migration Factory for CloudSuite FSM

For Infor customers, moving to the cloud can be a lot like moving into a new house. You’ll have more space, features you’ve always dreamed of, and the chance to reevaluate how everything fits together. However, moving all your stuff to the new location – whether you’re talking about a sectional couch or loads of valuable data – consumes time and resources. And it’s always easier if you have some additional help.

Donna Booth head shotInfor’s Data Migration Factory helps you expedite the process and makes it easier to move your existing data, so you can concentrate on the tasks that will produce the greatest value.

It gives you the opportunity to use critical project resources, including budgeted dollars, to concentrate on process optimization and transformation. You know how important data migration is. That’s why it’s critical to have a strong support system to manage the migration, so you can take full advantage of additional application efficiencies with Infor’s CloudSuite.

However, Data Migration Factory may not be right for every Infor client. If your organization wants to drastically change its current company structure by consolidating or expanding, it may be best to look at other alternatives. And like some moldy artifacts in your attic, if your data is beyond repair, it’s not worth migrating it over.

So how does Data Migration Factory work? Infor’s dedicated data migration team has a thorough pre-migration and post-migration process that follows a detailed and documented migration plan. Infor resources perform the prescribed data migration passes, including mock and go-live

HyBridge has successfully worked together with Infor and Infor customers to coordinate this process and align it to our proven HyBridge Solutions Methodology. We provide expertise with the following:

  • Data migration environment (tenant) strategy planning
  • Migration planning and assistance with the completion of the necessary questionnaires and mapping templates
  • Pre-migration checklist
  • Post-migration checklist
  • Data validation assistance
  • Error review and resolution

We combine our deep knowledge of prior versions of Infor and a consultative approach to understand your desired CloudSuite outcome. Because of this, the optimization of Financials and Supply Management processes are incorporated into the overall planning of the data migration and with each of the migration passes. In fact, we’ve helped clients reduce the time of each scheduled Infor data migration pass by about 30%.

To learn more about how we can help you with data migration or any other Infor projects, reach out to us today.

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